Tuesday, 15 January 2008

New Breed Hackers:: Why walk through the battlefield, when you have the means to fly?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Sun Tzu said, “it is one thing to be defeated, but another thing to have been surprised”. It is also said that you should never enter battle unless you are pretty certain you will win.
What these sayings mean is that you always need to be prepared for battle. To understand your enemy, the terrain and the causes for which they fight. To understand the troops and resources they have at their disposal and the reputation of their greatest warriors. You need to understand all these things and to assess your own strengths, weaknesses and strategies against those of your opponent, before you even think about doing battle with them.
Once you understand these things you should then be in a position to draw up a battle plan – OR NOT.

There is no disgrace in not engaging with the enemy until such time that you are sure you will win.

As a student you must learn the architecture of the battlefield and the strategies that will send you victorious. You must learn how to identify and to weigh the powers the enemy has at its disposal. To calculate the terrain and the order and structure of attack. To understand the motivation and level of resolve of the enemy troops and to work out where they might have weak points you can exploit. To determine your own weak points and to ensure a satisfactory defence and contingency plan.

In order to destroy the power of the beast you must seek to strike at its head, for this will disrupt its central nervous system, sending the rest of its body into a downward spiral.

Why walk through the battlefield, when you have the means to fly?


From the 2007 book ---
The Matrix Hackers

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