Monday, 14 January 2008

Great Hackers are made - not born. They follow the Way of the Tree!!!

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Great Hackers are made - not born, for we all have it in us to achieve greatness in this respect. As the tree cannot blossom without roots, trunk, branches and leaves, so too cannot the expertise of a hacker without the right foundations in place.

Without roots, trunk, branches and leaves, how can it be possible to enlarge the tree? Our masters have taught us that we should not learn one single thing, unless we are sure why we are learning it and for what purpose it serves. There can be no benefit to knowledge unless it is going to be useful. Unless there is a purpose to knowledge, what use is it? Unless it can save lives or feed the world’s children, remove threats or increase opportunity – what use is it? Save fuelling someone’s ego from time to time or plotting to use this knowledge in some evil way.

As the students mind and body is trained it has to take up the study of structured learning. This learning is how you develop the MIND of a hacker. What behaviour, what knowledge, what methods, what tools, what causes - what threats.

This foundation of learning is called:


First you establish the roots of your knowledge, then the trunk of will, then the branches and leaves of experience. This learning method will equip you with all you need to go out into the world and increase your hacker know-how, so that you can add more branches and leaves in the future.
The teachings of the Way of the TREE are an exercise in developing your mental and physical tools to such a level that at the end of the exercise you will be able to operate effectively enough to join a hacker cell and to put your knowledge to good use. If you decide not to take on the challenge of becoming a hacker then Way of the TREE can be used to teach any other subject you care to follow.

Great Hackers are made - not born!! They follow the way of the Tree!!!

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