Monday, 21 January 2008

In the Case of a Paradigm-Shift – Effective Positioning comes before Product Investment Case!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
If you don’t know who you are, how can you ever be sure how the market will react to you?
To begin to develop a case for investment, you first need to establish an acceptable position, that you are happy to identity with.

Without sufficient confidence to commit to organizational change, the perceptions that develop the case for investment in the new paradigm, will supply a compromised view.

Clearly, for any such investment planning process to work, it must be part of an overall integrated programme of business transformation, not a process that stands effectively on its own.

Positioning in terms:-

Who you are? - Reputable BRAND
What you do? - Innovative PRODUCT
Who you serve? - Prime CUSTOMERS
How you do it? - First Class SERVICE
Where you do it? - The MARKET
How you compete? - Rapid INNOVATION
How you adapt? - Effective Business POSITIONING

Clearly, positioning of the business must precede the case for investment for any particular market opportunity. This provides the all essential identity, against which the market and market opportunities can be effectively perceived and ultimately serviced.

Where organisations expect to diversify, a programme of education follows clear direction of positioning. These educational programmes are even more necessary in the case of a paradigm shift. Management must be prepared to learn more if they are going to be able to bridge the education/problem-solving and decision-making gaps. They must be prepared to learn even more, if they are going to able to fully engage with the new paradigm-shift.

Effective Positioning comes before Product Investment Case!

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