Sunday, 20 January 2008

Add Invisible Killer Robots to your Human CI capability!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
How many Competitive Intelligence Analysts operate in the dark? How many of them really know what is going on? How many can make moves that truly make a difference? How many have access to rich sources they can trust? How many truly have what it takes to rapidly target and acquire intelligence that will truly make a difference to your organisation? When they acquire it - how good are they at assimilating it - and just as importantly communicating it to decision makers.

Ask yourself this. If CI was not part of my business - would it truly make a difference? If you only had the support of the management team of the day and no Competitive Intelligence unit - how much difference would it really make?

Also ask yourself this. If i had the best Competitive Intelligence capability in the world - how might it look? How might it operate? How might if make a difference to my organisation?

We offer the vision of the Invisible intelligence analyst. Of the "fly on the wall" CI analyst. The "Xray vision" analyst. Of an analyst that knows the positioning of your business relative to that of your competition - and understands your objectives. That knows how to infiltrate the corporate memory of your organisation to seek deeper reflection and who can gain access to the darkest, most lucrative corners of your competitors confidences.

A capability that is invisible, then visible. Invisible, then visible. Ethical and Ethical.

Truth is, the most valuable CI is not the one that offers (office-bound) formal confidences to the internal management teams of the day. The most valuable CI is a mobile, invisible capability that you can unleash in your market and that will tirelessly utilise shape-shifting tactics to acquire and develop intelligence assets - the output of which can be presented to executives - such that they can make immediate and effective decisions against plan.

Add Invisible Killer Robots to your Human CI capability!

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