Sunday, 18 November 2007

Why most shareholders will never become Millionaires?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
There were two things in my head.
Money and my true desire - " to share my true love for games".
Funnily enough money was always the least important.
Sure i needed it - like all of us and maybe i needed more than most.
But, this wasn't what drove me.
There was something telling me something from the start.
It didn't come from the head, it didn't really even come from the heart.
There was something deep in my soul; giving me direction
Telling me what to do
I just knew things and i never knew why
I knew who to not to trust
I knew how to sense desires, inconsistent with my own
I knew what games to make and i knew that my own fear was the biggest barrier to success
Most of all, i knew that we were all essentially alone and that those who are able to hack the truth were sure to follow a steady and wealthy line.
Sure, I had my times of depression, but i knew the path to success was not governed by the here and now. It was governed by my ability to shut out the unnecessary noise to focus on the meaning and purpose of my life. To continually move toward the sunset that i had designed in my head.

And to someday, be able to say. I am still following that same angel at the end of my life, as was there at the beginning.

How many people out there can truly say that?

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