Saturday, 17 November 2007

Great Hackers say no to sitting in a "stupid office" all day!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
I get up at 5.30 every day, leave the house by 6.30, spend 2 hours getting to work, only to then find that there is no parking space and i have to park 2 miles away from the office, pay and walk in. By the time i hit the office mat, it's 9am and i'm absolutely fried. In fact, i'm ready to take a long break. Its right about then that reality kicks in and i realise that the people i'm working for actually believe that i am ready for action.

In fact the action they mean is not the action i thought i was employed for, "thats programming". The action they expect from me today is the action of sitting like a deadhead in meetings, which are really a talking shop for the other deadheads, who don't actually want to do any real work. In fact i'd go so far to say that they are not really capable of doing any real work, but then right about now - neither am i. I guess if you attack my resources by expecting me to put up with 3 hours of crap before i actually get down to work, then it probably compensates for your own lack of intelligence. Kind of balances up the smart guys with the idiots. Great value for money!

Once we're finished talking about nothing, we get to put pay to what last semblence of concentration that we might have had at the start, by being expected to code whilst being interrupted all morning. So by lunch time, there is minimal code to show and even less quality to present.

Lunch time arrives and it's down to the pub for 2 hours, after which time all the wheels finally come off and the afternoon is spent mopping up the debris of the morning and trying to prepare for an evening attempting to think your way out of this madness.

I hate that stupid office, the way the desks and offices are layed out and the stupid people who pretend that what they do is important!

If i wasn't so tired, i'd get the hell out of here and do what i do best.

Write code to build "seriously profitable" internet services.

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