Thursday, 8 November 2007

Project Managers:: Are they playing games with public money?

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Did you know that the majority of software projects today actually result in significant delays, with costs spiralling out of control? Did you know that many suppliers make this happen by approaching the project in a seemingly dilgent way at the beginning with a view to loosening the reins of responsibility and commitment as the project unfolds. Thus as the project unfolds, this weakening resolve results in delays and additional cost. Of course, these delays will always look like you the client were at fault. It's all part of the game.

Did you know that their real motive isn't to build you a great product, but to screw you out of as much money as they can - whilst building you a great product?

We know of one particular software company that wins government contracts and who never ever delivers on time and to budget. Apparently they have so much confidence in their freedom to do whatever they like, that they deliberately mismanage projects, so that the client (who often turns out to be them anyway - operating on behalf of the government) awards the contract to another software company within the same group. So the money never ever goes outside, it remains in the group and swells as the deceitful process unfolds.

It is no surprise that this company actually has a name for internal meetings that involve inter-business-unit transactions. They call them "Black Hat" meetings.

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