Friday, 30 November 2007

The Corporate Memory:: CEO's - don't start work without it!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
"Ok, here's the deal right!".
"If i take the job of CEO - I carry the can, the buck stops here, it's my neck on the line". "Now we got that straight - this is what i want !!".

"I want you to hire a small team of intelligence analysts to set-up systems and acquire information from every orifice in the virtual enterprise - that's relevant information about customers, competitors, suppliers and ourselves". I want each of the department heads to design a one page reporting model for their area that links in KPI metrics, high level financials, performance statistics, risk register and social responsibility and ethics metrics.

"I want to hire a business intellgence analyst to draw up a specification for the design of a virtual enterprise model and use the incoming intelligence to tailor the model to accomodate our future strategic perspective. I want intranet input feeds for all our staff, so they can also enter competitive intelligence data into the model. I want to introduce a "competitive intelligence" awareness programme and motivate managers to encourage their staff to make regular submissions to the CI process. Anyone who doesn't care about C.I - tell them to find another job.

Then i want to hire a graphics designer with an excellent business background and preferably with skills in information architecture. I want this person to sit with me and discuss how to represent our virtual enterprise reporting model in the most effective way for me and our shareholders. It will need to be designed so that i can provide staff with access to areas of the graphical model that I want them to be able to see.
Then i want to hire a bunch of smart programmers to write and integrate software for me to be able to see this enlightening new world on my computer. I want to purchase and install the biggest flat screen computer monitor in the world, clear my office of everything apart from a remote controlled PC, a small round desk, and a couple of chairs in the corner.

Once this is all up and running maybe i'll consider taking the job!!!

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