Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Stock Market Floatation Plans:: Just how bullet proof are you?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Did you ever employ people who could be a threat to your stock market floatation plans in the future? Did you do something to someone that might just come back to haunt you? Did you impart information to people that could sink your investments?

Just how bullet proof are you?

Have you spent time massaging your history to make it look more consistent than it really was? To make it look like its all been a linear movement, both in the evolution of your brand and financial success? Have you hidden the flaws behind the persona you portray to the marketplace, which will only be found out when you submit your returns in the future? When the weeks and months ahead come under the truest of scrutiny, by the custodians of the marketplace?

Just how bullet proof are you?

No one expects a perfect story - but just how far are you off the mark?

Have you thought about the kinds of external things that could be revealed that could damage your share price? How about things that you should have disclosed, but didn't?

Just how bullet proof are you?

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