Thursday, 4 October 2007

Conspiracy Theorists: A Threat to your people and your brand

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Yes the truth is out. We're all going to die! Lady Diana was killed by Lizards, who were left behind by the martians who built the pyramids - and David Icke is going to be the next President of America, with Michael Moore playing deputy Pres.

For the vast majority of people, the rational mind will process such creative paranoia and place it in the memory bank marked "fiction". But for those who are the most vulnerable in our society this concoction of facts mixed with fabrication can become very real. In fact there are people out there who are so much in need of an escapism fix, they actually believe every conspiracy that is spun out of the squal.

This is not so much a problem when confined to healthy hobbies, such as collecting memoribilia built on a conspiratorial franchise such as "the Matrix", or when you head off for a weekend in the woods to reenact, a fictional battle - such as King Arthur. Where the problem really lies is where your staff begin to blur the lines of workplace reality with rampant fantasy.

We recall the story where an employee who was a Matrix fan decided that the management team of the day were in fact Lizards, dressed in human attire. Had his problem remained an issue of perspective nothing untoward would have happened. Trouble was his behaviour began to become greatly more hostile than was appropriate, until one day he finally went ballistic and shot half of his colleagues dead.

Whether you believe this, that or the other - matters not. What does matter is your mental health.

Such content should be accompanied by a Government Health Warning. Approach with care. This content can seriously damage your health - and perhaps that of others.

Keep it real guys!

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