Saturday, 27 October 2007

Are you a cold-blooded subversive - or worse still - a warm-blooded reptilian?

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To answer this question lets first look at the definition for subvert.

to overthrow (something established or existing).
to cause the downfall, ruin, or destruction of.
to undermine the principles of; corrupt.

If you consider that "to subvert" can sometimes result in the arrival of good results, as much as bad results, you can then consider whether "subverting" something can be done with or without conscience. In other words (without conscience) meaning cold-blooded subversion and (with conscience) meaning warm-blooded subversion. Here is an example of something that got subverted where the results of which were all good.

Paul was hired because the executive director wanted to sack half of the management team and didn't want the blood on his hands. The message he sent out was one of "the new guy is here to sort things out for the better" when he really mean't "he's here to sack half of you wasters".

Paul conducted some analysis and found that the problems were emanating from an entirely different source. He determined his approach which was to develop a plan that would appear inline with the executives true intentions, when in fact he was about to unleash a strategy that would resolve the problems entirely - without getting any blood on his hands. In short it was a strategy that would subvert the real nature of his appointment, yet resolve far deeper problems that lay at the heart of his business.

He did this cold-bloodely because he knew that what he was doing was the right thing and his conscience would always be clear. Had he been a total subversive (warm-blooded), he would have sacked all the people he was supposed to and probably become financially wealthy in the meantime.

But he opted for strategy which engendered both spiritual wealth and financial health for everyone concerned. The true cost of which meant that he lost his job.

Behold, a warm-blodded repitilian.

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