Sunday, 23 September 2007

Reputations corrupted by unethical SEO marketers

Brand Killer Robots reveals ::
SEO or search engine optimisation is a planning and implementation process for optimising the positioning of your online resources relative to search engines, in order to improve the quantity, quality and conversion of visitors to your website. In short, you want to use SEO to increase the volume of people visiting your website referred by organic search engines and to turn as many visitors as possible into paying customers. You achieve this by using SEO techniques to attract higher and relevant ranking in the target search engine and therefore your advert appears nearer the top of the search results.
A Search engine optimiser requires multi-disciplinary skills that include marketing expertise, web development, business analytics and a good understanding of writing search engine friendly web copy.
Like the vast majority of pionnering fields SEO suffers from a general lack of agreed standards and is therefore at the mercy of a great many unethical practices and associated conmen. In fact, as search engines become more sophisticated, they are more and more able to detect unethical SEO practices and have taken steps to ban websites they deem unethical from their listings.
For any investor or executive, the first real question for selecting SEO is WHO SHOULD WE HIRE? Choose your SEO service provider carefully. It could cost you your reputation online if you don't and this may take you sometime to turn around.

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