Saturday, 22 June 2013

Suicide - Why there is no point in it!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

the suicidal hacker

So, when you feel like you got to the end of the road, you can choose to live or to die
So, I'm standing at the top of this cliff, ready to jump
I'm looking down at the bottom whilst swaying in the breeze
Jagged rocks, rough seas and the odd swooping gull passing by

Eyes watering, there are a lot of reasons to jump
Yet the full force of depression is not nearly so kind
Living and dying are imposters of  mankind

In life, you are surrounded by ignorance
In death, you are ultimately ignored
So, where's the difference?

There is no point in jumping, no point in living, no point in dying

There is simply no point in anything at all!

Therein lies my point!

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