Friday, 6 March 2009

Competitive Intelligence and the spectre of executive negligence

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
What happens to competitive intelligence people when the system they operate within is profoundly flawed?
What happens to their motivation when the competitive intelligence analyst realises that the whole game is so rotten that the data becomes totally valueless? How do competitive intelligence analysts remain of sound mind when the majority of their thoughts are almost totally derived of corrupted data? What happens to their confidence, to their behaviour and to relationships both inside and outside this context?

Therein lies the spectre of non-accountability. In a commercial enterprise where power vaccums exist, accountability for information trust is at an all time low.

Under such circumstances analysts find themselves, mining, slicing and dicing data which is of impure property. No amount of massaging can make the data right - because it has been polluted at source by defects in the leadership and the mismanagement of power.

Take a peek inside the majority of commercial enterprise.

Lack of Accountability leads to flawed data, leading to flawed analysis and the misrepresentation of the truth - and ultimately to executive negligence.

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