Thursday, 13 November 2008

All belief is a Box on Your Head - part 2

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
To believe is to use manufactured effort and calculation to form and demonstrate belief.
The self, time, history, 5 senses, the intellect, knowledge, power, bias, occult and experience are all concepts utilised to form belief.

Once you are able to stand beyond all these things, you can begin to know.
You begin to know that mankind is using its thoughts in an attempt to develop itself in Gods image. Man wants to become God, but the more it tries the further away from becoming God it gets. In fact this is essentially how the matrix illusion is made manifest and what Einstein realized that science was all about.

Science is mans unconscious attempt to replace the almighty using an artificial pervasive control system called the Matrix to describe the experience called life. The Matrix is really a paranoiac lens that man looks though in order to believe that the world can ultimately become controlled by anything other than God.

This lens conforms to the scientific notion that everything in life is both separate and of the whole. When in fact to know is to know only the One.

When the mind gets overloaded with thought, the mind becomes both designer and prisoner of the Matrix.
{You will see this in paranoid schizophrenic and to a certain extent in anxiety and panic attack patients most}.
When the spirit is broken beyond all belief, belief loses its hold.
When the tide of misery is everlasting and the result of our leaders words is zero.
That is the time when you know that "Belief is a Box on your Head".

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