Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Rise of the Rogue Trader as Whistleblower!

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As the markets creak and recession looms, the fat, incompetant, shape-shifting integrity trading regimes of the broker on the hill, begin to throw up their secrets in the form of rogue traders, fraud cases and symbols of gross ineptitude.

Those lazy, greedy, arrogant heads are beginning to roll, but not before that of those living in landscape below - the General public.

There is a feeling of getting away with shirt intact. Of STEALING away - with limbs intact!

Of sweeping bits under the carpet, hasterly trying to recall those shady dealings in the past and replaying them in order to paint a credible story when they are finally bought to book.

Yes, the world is really changing for them. People speak in different tounges now. They come and go differently. You can feel the pain of responsibility coming through their lips. For many, for the first time.

It is a different game now.

The big question now is not "how do we leverage this sin?" - but "how do we cover it up?".

So the ensuing vaccum will dig up the whistleblowers, the incompetent trading policy managers, the wiggly worms they call traders and the markets worse nightmare.

The people who truly show the market game players up for what they are..... The Rogue Traders!

Inspired from a story by the Telegraph

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