Saturday, 29 March 2008

Money being wasted on trying to see inside a computer hackers brain?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Truth is, they just made a training course that emulates my brain
Its Called "See inside a computer hackers brain"
Yes, its held in America
They know how i think
Somehow they've got the inside line on me
Someone worked out how i think

Somehow they hacked my brain, whilst i wasn't even looking
So whats the point?
Everytime i think, every time i do, they know me
So whats the point?
Everytime i sense, every time i feel, they know me
So whats the point?

Yep, i reckon that i'm on computer hard disk now
In the memory
On the big screen
Type in my name
Now i'm classified as Hacker type 34
A biometric finger print of lil old me

Wait a minute.
It cannot be true
I'm 78100 computer hackers, not one or two
Its not really possible to see inside my brain
Since there are actually 70 billion pieces of my DNA deployed in different terrain

So don't waste your time, trying to record every part
Because tomorrow i will make 10'000 other hydra pieces
Each one - absolute pure art!

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