Monday, 4 February 2008

Enemies will continue to attack systems, within the context of the current, flawed, security paradigm

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A paradigm is a frame of mind. A paradigm-shift is a change in your frame of mind.

Many organisations endure the conventional security paradigm that computer systems are inherently insecure. This leads to a self fulfilling prophecy that ensures that computer systems are indeed never secure.

Solutions and suppliers are chosen on the basis of what and who will reduce the risk and not on the basis of who will reduce uncertainty to zero. In fact it is a conventional norm that security can never be assured and that some element of risk will always exist.

I am writing to you to tell you that it is now no longer necessary to accept insecurity, risk or uncertainty in relation to your computer systems anymore.

You will have no need for insurance cover in relation to computer data protection, given there will simply be no risk to underwrite.

If you want to reduce uncertainty to zero, you need to change paradigm. Change the way you think.

If you don’t, we feel sure your enemies will continue to attack your systems, within the context of the current, flawed, security paradigm.

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