Saturday, 16 June 2007

Is it really time for Bill Gates to be retiring? Shouldn't he stay around to clean up some of his mess?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
We should like to state some obvious but hopefully interesting points for our readers to consider.

30 years ago there was no Internet, very few LANS, WANS, VLANS etc and confidential data was limited in terms of how much of it was maintained by computers. Companies might have had a mainframe and a few PC's came along in the early 80's which may have been hooked up for terminal emulation. Very few people knew how to hack into these systems and there wasn't much of interest to see inside them anyway. With the exception of a few choice targets.
There was no training courses for engineers or manuals, and few tech supports lines - so you just stumbled around trying to fix things and generally hacked your way through. Many of us came from electronics backgrounds, so you could get right down in the hardware.

Later on in the mid - late 80's the likes of Bill Gates came along with a grand vision to make computers more user friendly. His argument was that if you change the aesthetic quality of the interface - then the devices would be more user friendly. The counter argument to this was that user friendliness should be more about making devices more secure - than just making them look prettier. Anyway, the world decided to trade prettiness off against security and we ended up in a world where human beings could interact much better with the technology - but effectively became much more ignorant about it - given the layers of abstraction required to support the GUI.

Today, we have the most confidential data sitting in insecure databases all around the planet. Whilst it looks much prettier now - it is nevertheless held together by millions of lines of code that very few people would ever take ownership of. How could they?

We believe that people like Bill Gates know this and that he knows that he and others have effectively built a roller coaster that will be very difficult to get off of.

So we ask:: Is it really time for Bill Gates to be retiring? Shouldn't he stay around to clean up some of his mess?

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