Monday, 10 November 2008

Hacker Intelligence:: In the true spirit of the hacker - we believe

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Hackers are lean, in body and in mind
They only touch text, the truth is in text
Images distort, too much illusion
Teletype devices are good
Communication needs clarity, no confusion

The world needs a different kind of beauty
The beauty of purity, goodness, honesty
Hackers are honest, they solve problems
They care not for cheap talk
They care only for honest expression

Honest expression must not be debased by aesthetic richness, graphics, images etc
Voice must be simple and basic
It must be drawn from those pure in motive
Those who take responsibility for their actions
It must contain the facts,
It must reveal the meaning, the truth

When the hacker types…
they express the truth with every strike of their hand. Only then can they be sure they are a truly operating in the true spirit.

In the true spirit of the hacker. We believe.

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