Monday, 15 January 2007

Bill Gates:: Imagination without reason is a monsterous thing.

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
When you contribute to an industry that sells products full of holes, which in turn spawns an industry to fill these holes you've gotta say - what he designed was an industry created without reason. Or worse still - an industry without the very best of intentions.

Bill Gates is either stupid or evil. Stupid, we think.

Without Bill Gates, we might have had a computer industry built on the backs of engineers who were also the leaders in this industry. Without him we might have seen the rewards for the genius going to the people who actually do care about other people and who are willing to spend their whole lives devoted to building the very best software industry.

How many times have we been introduced to the programmer in the corner; only to find that he is the only one that actually does any REAL work.

Everybody else is just baggage and noise. Including Bill Gates.

Did Bill Gates pioneer the Frankenstein Software Industry? We think so!

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