Saturday, 8 December 2007

You think outside the box:: WHAT BOX????

Brand Killer Robot reveals::
Someone once said to me "you know - you think outside the box. To which i replied "what box?". I wasn't trying to be smart and i wasn't trying to be arrogant. What i said, just came out, like an automatic reflex action. Like i was trying to defend myself from being hit by an oncoming train.

Years later, i had a chance to reflect on what i said. First my answer didn't really help me because at the time it added up to me losing my job as a systems integrator. Financial Directors don't like fuzzy calculations i guess, although my demise at the time was more to do with my lack of interest in playing the politics game than any functional deficit that i might have had.

But on reflection i did come to realise that my insistence to play the game from a blank sheet of paper was more annonying to my managers than i had first thought. I didn't respect what had been achieved thus far - i was far more interested in making new plays for the future.

For me that was where the real action was at. It didn't matter to me where they were now, (that was somebody elses play). I was much more interested in helping them to maneuvour the ship into much more profitable waters and i didn't care how i got there. I didn't think about being in the box, above or below the box. In fact i didn't even see a box at all. All i saw was a place where we needed to get to and when we got there - i'd be thinking of the next amazing place to get to.

I don't see a box, because there is no box. There is only the next best place to get to!

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