Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Snookered by patent squatters:: Use Many Faces, Many Places?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
What do you do if you had been working on an invention for years, only to find out that someone had secured a patent long ago for the landscape, but had been parked on it for the last 5 years?

What do you do, if you are prevented from getting into the market, by a company who had already obtained a patent for a similar idea and are simply squating on it, watching the world go by?
Can you do something about it? Well the answer is ordinarily no. Once the patent is in place - you can't use the landscape, unless you are licenced to.

But what would happen if you could take your existing idea and remodel its face in such a way that the presentation of it enabled you to secure a very different patent? You could secure a patent and in so doing position your idea for a completely new, yet lucrative marketplace.

By changing your patent language - you can use a patent strategy called "Many Faces, Many Places!

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