Sunday, 2 December 2007

Employee Disloyalty - A major threat to your brand?

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'Fresh benefit data lapse admitted'

An ex-contractor at the Department for Work and Pensions had two discs with thousands of benefit claimants' details for more than a year, the DWP says. The unencrypted discs revealed the type of benefits paid, but a DWP spokesman said they did not contain bank details.
The woman told the News of the World she forgot to return them after she stopped working for the DWP a year ago.

Wow, who's fault is that? Who needs to be strung up from the nearest lampost. Vilified by the general public! Shot at dawn? We ask you our readers. Who's fault is that?

1. The DWP
2. The Prime Minister
3. The Police
4. The Media
5. The stupid, disloyal moron who hacked the DWP security policy, then walked into News of the World to give them a sensational story - for which they presumably paid her very well for.

We ask, don't your employees have a part to play in safeguarding your brand?

We advise you to implement a security awareness campaign that encourages your staff - to not act like disloyal, selfish, money-grabbing - morons.

We believe this particular hack is a case of treason and the person who perpetrated this act - a traitor, serving none but themself.

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