Sunday, 9 December 2007

Divorcing the Brand from the Company : Not good for business?

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
She built a multi-million empire over a period of some sixteen years. She was the brand - she was the player. Then in one brief moment in time, her adventure was over. She was cast adrift from the apparatus of her own success. Thrown off the stage. Seemingly never to return.

Some years later, in amongst the rubble of self-delusion, fame, hope, fear and fortune - she found a child. This child let others take the responsibility for once. This child didn't wear armour anymore. Didn't have to always be right. This child just was.

One day this child came to her and said - why don't you begin again? Why don't you just be you?

Upon hearing the child, she remembered who she was and decided to be herself again. And so it was that she built a new company, much bigger and more successful than the last. In fact it did so well, it put her first company out of business.

You can take the company away from the brand - but you should never take the brand away from the company. It is just not good business.

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