Saturday, 15 December 2007

A Beautiful Mind:: We ask - what price Genius?

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If you haven't seen the film "A Beautiful Mind", then make sure you scan it soon. Starring Russell Crowe, a young but brilliant mathematician wins a place at one of Americas most prestigious universities, where he is expected to contribute works to the highest standard, in order to secure a position at one of U.S top military intelligence establishments. Unlike his peers, John Nash decides to reject the brief he is given by Professor Einstein, in favour of finding what he calls "his original idea". As he struggles to make any contribution at all, his peers are busy at work producing effective works, to the level required by the professor. Close to breaking point and entering a world of schizophrenia, where imaginary friends begin to enter his life, a series of events occur around John which brings him to the point of revelation - "his conception- a new form of bargaining strategy - where everybody wins, as long as they consider both themself and everybody else". His "orginal work" has stood the test of time and his strategies have been applied in many walks of life from financial markets to retail to biological studies.

What John had managed to do was to take the path of 'most resistance' and face it out until it drove him to mental illness. He decided to take risks that others would never take. He decided that it wasn't enough to reach the highest standards set by one of the greatest minds that ever lived. He decided it wasn't enough to contribute works to a standard where he would be acknowledged and safe.

He decided that his own worth was less than his own art and nothing was going to stop him, not even his own mental health.

So we ask - what price genius?

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