Saturday, 10 November 2007

What does 'Competitive' Intelligence really mean? Could we be in danger of too narrow a definition?

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Ok we all know that there is a difference between Competit(or) Intelligence Analysis and Competit(ive) Intelligence Analysis, but is it possible that there could be a broader definition still to the whole bally lot?

Could it be possible that the term Competitive Intelligence extends way beyond any other current definition, ultimtely turning into a much broader, literal definition.

Here are some examples.

What do you call Gerald Fords idea for mass producing cars or Bill Gates vision for a computer on every desktop - or Tim Berners Lee's creation - the world wide web? How about the mum who is great at arguing her case with the kids, or the dad who knows what it takes to turn his son into a formula 1 racing driver? How about the manager who is able to double the performance of his team, just by applying the right techniques or the CEO who engenders the highest respect from his executive team, by saying all the right things.

"Competitive Intelligence"

We've heard much about creative genius, talent and experience and the academic mind.

But surely the best of it could possibly be defined in one single literal term.

"Competitive Intelligence"

Could we be in danger of using too narrow a definition?

We call for a debate on the term.

"Competitive Intelligence"

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