Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The hacker race is on to find the most secure computing solution in the world.

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Ask any security expert and they'll tell you that it cannot be done. "No they say", "there is no such thing as the most securist this or that or they say "security is relative - all you can do is prioritise and mitgate risk against budget". Or they'll say - "there there - you'll come to realise that Utopia is unachievable and some day when you are a big boy - you'll wake up to the reality that this game is flawed". "Why hell! - it isn't meant to be secure anyhow - we wouldn't have a job otherwise!"

Well we say F* YOU - and go and find a legitimate job!

We believe the answer lies in developing a new perspective on security and not following the same line as everybody else. When you can't win the game, you invent a new game. You change the rules. We believe that today's approach to security is ultimately futile. The game is futile.
What is required is a radical rethink. Such a rethink can only come from those involved in "security intelligence (R&D)" vs. where we are 99% of our time "implementing yesterdays futile security measures".

So we ask that you consider joining us in the race to find the most securist computer in the world!

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