Thursday, 10 April 2008

Did you know that your brand was a living, breathing, 'competitive intelligence' loving organism?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Someone once said, "many people actually think that they think.

But very few actually do!".

When your workforce goes to work, how many are actually thinking?. Not thinking in the sense of putting one foot in front of the other, following a procedure or sitting in a meeting arguing the toss. We're not talking about thinking about whats going to be in the next pay cheque or wondering how to work out the next challenge that is going to come your way.

What we're talking about here is thinking that is totally distracted towards developing a super brand.
Thinking that involves, working out ethical ways of screwing the competition, using the collective "Competitive Intelligence", of the entire organisation.
Thinking that engenders a strong sense of pride in the way people work and what they do.
Thinking that encourages behaviour that motivates others around them to act professionally and in the good name of the brand.
We're talking about thought that conveys complete and absolute loyalty to the brand.
A brand that has more often than not been a consequence of the committment of a small handful of people. Some of which have remortgaged their homes in order to finance the venture.

There are two versions of your brand. The underpowered, undermotivated one and the super charged, super-motivated one. The big clincher is how far you are away from engendering the latter.

How far are you away from becoming a living, breathing, 'competitive intelligence' loving organism?

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