Saturday, 3 November 2007

Hijackable Brands: When seeming vulnerability = massive brand power

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How do you create desire for your brand by doing nothing more than simply looking vulnerable? By telling a sad story about yourself or by sitting still looking pretty in a world full of gadflys? Why rush around marketing, when you can market your brand without marketing?

How many start-up organsations do you know have greater image power now than their elderly counterparts who have been pouring millions of dollars into active advertising campaigns for many years. Think of myspace, facebook, youtube etc vs. disney, warner bros etc.

Brand Hijacking is a marketing concept that serves to encourage others to embrace and pass on your message, by allowing and encouraging them to hijack your brand. Initally a self-degrading process, Brand Hijacking encourages others to covert and then direct the lifeforce of your brand, by developing the illusion that they have the freedom to control the direction of your brand - when, in fact they do not.

Like a pretty girl sitting quietly at the bar with an empty glass - in a room full of men, does the expectant 'lady brand' wait to be approached, then distracted and then finally stolen away, by the wealthiest of them all.

If you have the will and expertise to build a brand that can steal customers away from your competitors; then why not try designing a "Hijackable Brand".

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