Monday, 12 November 2007

Add 1 Marketer to every 16 Programmers to make an international software brand!

Brand Killer Robot reveals::
Wow, i thought...these guys are amazing. What they're doing is amazing! What they've built is amazing. Wow, i thought!

But then i thought, gosh this could be so much better. Not a better product.... but a better brand.

In fact these guys don't even understand the concept of brand. If they did, this wouldn't be a product loved by a few loyal customers. This would be an international brand loved by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

I looked at the name of the product. It was called something like "mobile CMS framework2" - or MCMSF2, for the real nerds in the audience. In fact it was worse than that because there were six different pieces of software, all with the same stupid name. I think they ended up calling them app - a, app b, app c.... you get where i'm going. Worse still they were building for both Linux and Windows platforms, so the naming got much worse.

Anyway, after a little investigation we came up with a generic product architectural model and roadmap which drilled down into a comprehensive features list. Even the programmers and designers who had been working on this project for 2 and half years, didn't really know what they had been working on. At that time there was a marked improvement in morale as the team began to realise the value of their shares. Is that what we built they cried? "Crikey" they screamed, "we'll be worth millions".

Behold "StealthBuilder 1.0 for Windows! and "StealthBuilder 1.0 for Linux!

They said, "thank you for making this possible, you must be a magician".

I said, "no...... thank you". "You guys are the magicians!".

"I'm just the one that helped you to see how smart you are - that's all!"

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