Saturday, 13 October 2007

Executive Silence: making brands a target in the future?

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
How many times have you written a very nice email to someone, who totally ignores it and you know they did? You might have been offering some advice, or helping them in some other way. Hell, you might have just been saying "Hello".

What does it feel like to be ignored? What does it feel like to know that you said something to someone - and they simply ignored you, like you were nothing, nobody and nowhere. How does it feel - Mr crappy, nobody?

Do you want to go back to them and tell them how you feel? What would you say? How would they respond?

"Wait", you might say!!!!!..... "what would happen if i got it all wrong? Perhaps they're on holiday or perhaps their email system went down and my message was lost so they never saw it"!

"Ok, so i'll send the same email again and wait for a response". "Perhaps this time i'll set the message for a read receipt so i know that they got it this time". "Well, what if they got the first message and are just thinking about a response and i sent another email with a read receipt". "Perhaps they're going to think twice about responding at all". "So perhaps i'll wait another week and then send my email without a read receipt request, then think about what to do after that ".
So you wait a week and don't hear back so you send a message again without a read receipt. You wait two more weeks, don't hear back so you send the email with a read receipt attached. You never get a read receipt back. Right you think, "they got the messages and they were so ugly toward me, they couldn't be bothered to respond and they tried to cover it up by not even answering my request for a read receipt".

"Something has happened here to our relationship". "Why don't they respond?" "Why are they being so mean to me?" "This is a direct attack on who i am!" "They want to bring me to my knees!" "They have all the power now and i have none!". "I thought they were my friend".
"What am i going to do to get back at them?" "What can i do now?"
"Whatever it is i do, i'm going to make sure I break their silence".

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