Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Games Publishers not willing to play 'Dirty Games' to defend their brand

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
We used to work for these guys who built a video games business from their bedroom. They spent years doing their stuff and never let anything or anyone get in their way. They carried the responsibility for the wellbeing of hundreds of people at the same time as living with the day to day threat of losing everything they had worked for and loved - because the business ran out of money.

For 20 years these guys kept their heads down, road the wave of fear and made the most beautiful things known to man - "Video Games". Millions of people in the world bought their works, enjoyed their titles and they were heralded from the UK to Timbuktu.

Then one day they awoke to find that all they had worked for was being stolen by lazy b*sta*ds. They were being plundered by Russians. Raped by Australians and ripped off by Americans.
These people were doing it online, offline, inside and outside of their business.
These people were doing it covertly, overtly and pervertly.
These people were doing it for money, for fun - for jealously reasons.
What could they do, thought the two biggest games geniuses on earth?

They thought and thought and tried everything they could. But try as they might - they were not used to playing this type of 'dirty game', so they finally gave up and left the industry.

Never to return again.

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