Friday, 19 October 2007

Executive Intelligence Warfare : Deploying Moles in the Camp to save your brand.

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Parachuted in to the company under cover and with a limited brief, James the Agent Provocateur quickly began to get to grips with the tricky jungle terrain. First the players. Who are they, what's their motivation and how are they grouped. Second, where are the problems? Not the ones people tell you about, but the ones that lay deep in the malignant body of the causes?
Finally, whats to do about it?

Executive Meeting One:: Conclusion:: This place is run by a bunch of prima donnas and a loyal but heavily submissive workforce.
Executive Meeting Two:: Conclusion:: No effective systems in place to support and promote healthy, transparent inter-departmental communications.
Executive Meeting Three:: Conclusion:: These guys are lucky that they're still in business.

Action1:: Reassure workforce that new systems are being introduced to support them.
Action2:: Deploy intelligence unit to design and implement inter-departmental communication systems.
Action3:: Seek buy-in from Prima donnas [DENIED]
Action4:: Recruit moles from inside Prima donna departments
Action5:: Demonstrate to board value of new communications
Action6:: Executive Buy-in
Action7:: Prima donna buy-in [CONFIRMED]
Action8:: Time to Bail-out

bye bye...

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