Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Executive Fraud: The biggest killer of commercial brands ever

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Week 1 CEO Email to all staff: "Dear everyone, I just wanted to say as your CEO how happy i am with everyones contribution this year. I believe that we are well on the road to acheiving our goals in 2006 and with greater effort in the last quarter, breaking through the £50million premium".

"Special thanks go to Don Simpson who as you all know has been with the company more than 20 years and will shortly be undertaking a part-time role, because of ill health".

"Don has been a great servant to the company and we will miss his integrity and loyalty to the cause".

Week 2 CEO Email to all staff: "Dear everyone, it is with great concern that i have to inform you that we have had to terminate Don Simpson's contract of employment because we have found major discreprencies in the affairs of the claims department. We cannot say any more than this is now a police matter and we will be in touch in due course".

Who would ever want to be a CEO of an insurance underwriting company?

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