Sunday, 21 October 2007

Executive Desire:: Its lack of passion that dilutes brand equity!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
What's the difference between building a business and building a brand?
We like to think the answer to the question is "its the difference between pride and passion on one hand and practical business management on the other. The difference between love and knowing on one hand and marriage and convenience on the other. The difference between dreams of shared riches on one hand and pragmatic calculation on the other. The difference between revelation and infectious belief on one hand and an accountancy exercise on the other.

To executives who concentrate on brand (not business), brand is a reflection of greatness of honesty and integrity. A thing of beauty to be shared, to be nurtured, to be caressed. Like a lover, like a friend. For those who have set their belief in you. For those who have invested in your vision. Invested in your love.

How many executives today, really understand this feeling? How many of them have built visions out of nothing? Taken a risk with their career to articulate them to those who know and dare? To arrive at a point where their infecticous belief turns dream into investment reality. To one day awake and see the reflection of their love and dedication within a truly international brand. To see that brand being consumed by thousands of customers. To see that brand equity grow and grow each day and to direct it towards a multi-million dollar brand equity sale.

How many executives today truly understand the sheer enormity of travelling such a path?

How so fewer understand travelling such a path, only later to fail? How many could ever travel this path and how many fewer still could cope with the alternating emotional roller coaster of success, then failure? Of risk and then no-risk? Of light, then darkness? Of passion, then passionatelessness. Of total acceptance, then total redundancy?

Like a broken face peering into a fractured mirror, doth the war-torn self-brand will itself into tangible fruition again.

There are many who understand business. Many who can turn their hand to task.

But few who understand the true mysteries of brand.

Hire executives who deal in passion, not those who deal only in practicality.

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