Saturday, 6 June 2015

Digital identity is the reflection of you in cyberspace

Identity lay in data!
When your fingers crack across the keyboard, you are forming patterns online, these patterns are your digital identity, perhaps used to track you, perhaps used to assess you, perhaps used to defraud you.
Wherever your fingers on the keyboard (or mouse) take you, you are at the same time leaving a trail of you, a trail that can lay there for as long as the data is stored.
Your activity online creates a kind of persistent you!
Commercial retailers can get to know you by reading this data so they can contact you in a way that is much more personal to you. Perhaps to sell you more of the things you like, or to influence you to buy things you didn't know about or like.
Criminals can profile you such that they can identify your weak points and exploit your vulnerabilities, whether this be physical, virtual or both.
Your digital Identity is your unique digital fingerprint.
Yet, do you know where it is and what is out there about you in Cyberspace?
Perhaps your digital identity has become distorted in some way and you don't know it. Perhaps it has been captured and being used in some kind of crime.
Without in-depth technical knowledge and substantial access, most people will never appreciate just how vulnerable their digital identity makes them.
Digital identity is the reflection of you in cyberspace
I hope this brief article gave some food for thought.

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