Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Raps Bot : Sniper Attack Methods - Number 1 Cyber Terrorism Threat

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
I've spoken about my system that uses autonomous agents scouring the web for news items and other data in order to predict certain events in the future.

I mentioned in another thread that the system had calculated a 30% threat from foreign cyber terrorism and 70% threat from commercial insider terrorism.

One other threat vector i looked at was in the area of attack methods.

The data threw up three specific attack methodologies
1. Intent toward Face off attacks
2. Intent toward Stepping Stone Attacks
3. Intent toward Sniper Attacks

Face off attacks are where employees of companies attempt to gain some personal advantage by taking the management team head on.

Stepping stone attacks are where an employee carries out a predetermined plan of stealth action over time to gain some personal advantage.

Sniper Attacks are where an employee will concentrate an attack in the most concentrated way at the head of an organisation.

Here are the statisics
Face Off - 34%
Stepping Stone - 20%
Sniper Attacks 46%

When i saw these stats i was totally amazed given i had thought that Face Off attacks would have been more like 60%, Stepping Stone 30% and Sniper 10%.

To me this is a worrying sign as it indicates that disgruntled employees are far more likely to target the head of organisations directly, rather than fight the battle in any other way.

I would say that this data indicates that if we arrive at a point where there is mass redundancies due to UK Government austerity measures, then politicians, head of organisations, celebrities and bankers better ensure they keep their heads down.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Why Mathematics is like an Atom Bomb to children

Brand Killer Robots:

I wonder if the mathematicians behind the atom bomb, ever sought to ask why?

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Raps BOT : Predicts Insider Cyber Terrorism Threat HIGH

Brand Killer Robots Reveals:
I seeded an internet botnet of 10K+ targeted clients which scour the web, scraping and collating conversation data then predicts the national security situation of the UK in 3-6-12 months time.

I started designing this botnet when I worked as a consultant at IBM research in Hursley on persuasive technology projects.

Basically this botnet uses the processing capabilities of 3rd party web servers and clients in order to remain alive. It is totally autonomous meaning I can send it out with commands one month and it returns the next month with the information which my server then crunches to get a prediction.

One vector my botnet has exposed is cyber terrorism risk in the UK. I had expected to almost certainly see that Russia and China were the primary sources of bad actor behaviour. But I was surprised when the prediction of Raps Bot reported that 78% of the cyber threat to national security was going to come from UK citizens, not from foreign shores.

I ran this botnet for 10 months and it basically scraped links using keywords from the relevant forums and social media sites and then followed them and collated the data.

I have a reporting system which produces a map of the main cyber terrorism threats and all the longest tentacles were from insider terrorism orientated threats.

Assessing crime motivation plays a big part in the analysis process and I have to say the system picked up on this extremely well, plotting the main motivation points and then relating them to the data, the location and the context.