Friday, 24 September 2010

No Moral Authority = No Leadership Potential

Brand Killer Robots Reveals:
When we have reached a point in the collective consciousness where there are no wars, no poverty, no unemployment, no homelessness, no environmental destruction, no church supported child abuse, then and only then can we truly say that we are in the presence of great leaders.

Until that time, we will have to be content with being lead by managers of wars, managers of great poverty, managers of unemployment, managers of homelessness, managers of environmental destruction and managers of church supported child abuse.

Where there is no moral authority, there is no strong leadership.

And as for the economy, well we all know that capitalism has been fundamentally undermined by introducing the subversive concept of "the selective bailout".

Monday, 6 September 2010

The Illusory Concept of the Role Model

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
I fear that role models do come and go.
Many are held in the highest regard one minute and torn down the next. 
Our children learn that nothing in life is fixed, even if it appears to be so. 
They will learn that at times they might feel great regard for someone, followed by great disillusionment.
What appears true of someone, isn't true when that someone is fully tested.

Is it not true therefore that the concept of the "role model", is in fact an illusion?
A dishonest perception of someone based on limited data, perhaps dressed up in the colours of the wishful thinking mind.
What measure should we use to validate this role model against another role model?
The concept of role model, is just that - a concept - born of the mind.

I hope that tomorrows leaders will be able to become more than an illusion.

Artwork by Clement Ooi