Friday, 11 December 2009

Online Reputation Monitoring - How safe is your competitive data?

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Republished from April 2008

In the online competitive intelligence world, the right knowledge, at the right time - is absolute power!

So much so that executives are now moving faster than ever to invest in online competitive intelligence resources

Today, intellectual property owners want to use the Internet to identify who has stolen their hard-earned digital assets and bring criminals to justice.

Copyright and Trademarks owners want to know who is infringing their legal rights.

Brand custodians want to know where the reputations of their sponsors are being compromised.

Business managers want to know about their competitors plans, in order to secure their position in the markets.

Security services want to track the money streams of terrorists and fraudsters.

Over the past 2 years we at Brand Killer Robots have been quietly taking note of the plethora of new website services being invested in, with the sole aim of trawling the internet for competitive intelligence data.

There are tools for searching search engines to uncover details about your company that you would never think of publishing freely, tools for searching social networks to locate competitive intelligence information about your employees or ex-employees, tools for digging into content to locate copyright materials and tools for conducting linguistic scans for flagging up dirty words associated with your products or derogatory associations with your brand.

It would seem that Online Competitive Intelligence Acquisition is a viable and potentially valuable resource which every business could use, for one purpose or other.

Until you consider the possible implications of your company's competitive data going missing!

The very fact you as a business engage a third party to help you develop competitive data in the first place, may be a step in the wrong direction. Many of these online analysis systems are just that (online), meaning servers could be hosted from here to Namibia. Who knows where your data is and worse still - who really knows whether your competitiors can get hold of it!

So we say, before you take up any contracts with Online Competitive Intelligence providers or Online Reputation Monitoring Services, consider the potential risk of this data going missing and more importantly, the impact on your business plan - if such data did go astray.