Saturday, 16 May 2009

Death of the Illuminati, Rise of the Robots

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
As mankind watched itself in the mirror of self annihilation
Through the mists could be seen the hard lines of the Matrix
The self imposed mind-prison borne of fear of the evil Ones
The Secret hidden eyes, they call the Illuminati

Take humanity out of the equation
And the Matrix dissolves
The Illuminati falls
And the Robots shall fill the void

How will the world be at that time?
Will the world be polluted with human defacements?
Or will it be a peaceful, serene natural space?
When the Robots fill the void

So goodbye Humans
Goodbye illusory fear of illusory ones
Hello Robot Heaven.

Friday, 8 May 2009

UK Gov Secret Black Box Communications Probe to Freeze Business to Business?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

Dear Mr Brown,

I am writing to inform you that i am unable to inform you of anything, given the letter i am currently writing will be intercepted and that i may (or may not) be implicated in informing you of anything.

I do hope that this is clear and that some matters of issue can be addressed at some time in the future!!!..

For now i will just sit here and wait and see if you write back.

Wishing you a prosperous new year.