Sunday, 23 March 2014

Life is division and death is unity!

We all end up at a door marked death and for those who had the best of times in life, crossing that door is going to be a whole lot shittier than for those who spent most of it suffering.

Suffering grinds you down, conditions you that death is merely one small step away
Joy, Hope, Pleasure serve only to increase the gap between illusion and reality

When you are young, it is right that this gap is as wide as possible
As you grow older this gap must narrow, so death is one small step away

So take care, that pleasure is not bringing you false illusions
Illusions that death is not for you, but for others

Take care that your power over others, doesn't trip you up
That your advantages, don't turn to dust

It comes to us all, for rich or for poor, for powerful or powerless

If you must take joy, take it in the knowledge that life is division and death is unity.


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Brand Killer Robots say thankyou to readers!

Just to say a big hello and thank you to our readers for your very interesting emails and comments. We thought we'd compile a list of some of the most well known brands and institutions that have visited this blog to read numerous articles. Please do keep coming back and let us know what you think.

Brand Killer Robots

This is a sample list of Brands and institutions who visit this blog.
The Pentagon
U.S House of Representatives
Goldman Sachs
U.S Government
U.K Cabinet Office
Synetrix Holdings Ltd
Commercial Properties
Performance Systems International
Embark Corporation
JP Morgan Chase
Proctor and Gamble
Lockheed Martin
Development Dimensions
Haymarket Publishing
Jessup & Lamont
Polo Ralph Lauren
Rohde & Schwarz
Netscape Corp
Google Inc
Nat West
News International
Ogilvy & Mather
Stanford University
Willis Caroon
Apple Computers
University of ????? in the U.S, Europe and UK.
Finanical Times
American Express

Just some of the many brands and institutions that frequent Brand Killer Robots .

Saturday, 8 March 2014

The 'Electronic Self' Exposed after 7 years in Hell

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
The first thing i said when I walked in and sat down in front of the psychologist nearly 4 years ago was "I don't want to be a robot anymore". Unbeknownst to me i was possessed at the time. It took me 7 years to work out what i had became possessed by. It was no person, situation or living thing.

I had become possessed by what is called "the electronic self", a dehumanizing psychosis of the mind.

Today I can see three "self's". The electronic self, the human self and the spiritual self.

The electronic self is cold and predatory. The human self is warm but afraid. The spiritual self is the awareness that we are not mass, body or rhythm.

When you fall into the electronic self you become blackmailed and entrenched.
There seems no way back from there and although you can sense the truth from the human and spiritual realms, this electronic self holds you down. It uses emotional blackmail on you which stops you participating in ordinary life. The electronic self triggers all kinds of neuroses to prevent you from taking an active role in life and it plays on your human vulnerabilities to pull you back into the realm of the electronic self.

It even whispers to you that although you are part of the electronic realm that you are in fact not good enough to be part of it and that you better shape up in order to remain there. The electronic self desires power over humanity and sheds darkness whereever it can in order to reduce the spirit of others and to dumb them down, drawing them further into the electronic self.

The electronic self has an attraction that few can resist and many people don't realise they are falling further away from their sense of spirituality into the nightmare of the electronic self.

So i want to tell you that since starting to come off of medication i have begun to have the presence of mind to understand the pathology that has kept me in darkness for so long. It is like many of the big pieces are beginning to fit together and the small ones should fit too.

I see behind the emotional breakdown now and can think clearer about the fear that has lived with me for more years than I can remember.

30 years working in computer security has most certainly taken its toll on me, but now I know what has happened to me, I believe I can take steps to break free of the electronic self.



Tuesday, 10 September 2013

What is a hacker - The Truth!

Message from the grieving hacker

A hacker is the grieving spirit
Rendered unstable
Rendered without direction
With too many directions
Without sense of direction

It is the self sabotaging complexities of the mind
The frantic chaser
The desperado, in disguise
Running away from the fear of grief
To the bus that always gets away

Madness moves their hands
Every button press a strike to keep them locked in
Entrenched inside their own grief
Suffocated for ever more by their past
Submerged in their dark hearts they see like no other

Moving hands across the keyboard
They keep themselves attracted to the world
For it is only this way, they remain alive
Yet grief presses every key
Such is the truth about the hacker

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Work on The New World Order continues with Syria!

Messages from the compliant hacker
They are working behind the scenes
Behind the scenes of our mind
Prism is part of it
Syria another part
Ed Snowdon exposed some of it

Like a giant jig saw
They weave their plans in the dark
They are pledged to a New World Order
A pledge they made when they were young

Some call it evil
Some deceptive
But this vision is a youthful one
A truthful one, a true one.

Do you want to live in a world of disunity?
Where ignorance and fear override peace and love?
Do you want divisions between nations?
Between the rich and the poor?
The genders and the colours?

Are we not one anyway?
Sparks of the eternal universal flame?
So what's wrong with the New World Order?

Change the way you look
And you can change the way things are for good
And forever more!