Sunday, 8 September 2013

Work on The New World Order continues with Syria!

Messages from the compliant hacker
They are working behind the scenes
Behind the scenes of our mind
Prism is part of it
Syria another part
Ed Snowdon exposed some of it

Like a giant jig saw
They weave their plans in the dark
They are pledged to a New World Order
A pledge they made when they were young

Some call it evil
Some deceptive
But this vision is a youthful one
A truthful one, a true one.

Do you want to live in a world of disunity?
Where ignorance and fear override peace and love?
Do you want divisions between nations?
Between the rich and the poor?
The genders and the colours?

Are we not one anyway?
Sparks of the eternal universal flame?
So what's wrong with the New World Order?

Change the way you look
And you can change the way things are for good
And forever more!

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