Friday, 27 August 2010

How to cure 90% of all mental illness

Brand Killer Robots reveals:

Think about this for a moment!
"Me is only the idea i have of myself, suffering other ideas of myself"

Mental illness labels are convenient matrix vocabulary. A way of trying to make the illusion of this or that condition or identity more real.

You are the witness of the play and interplay are you not?

The aestethics of structure and movement are not real because they happen from within your programmed mind.

Step outside the "matrix of me" and there is no anything.

No stress, no anxiety, no depression or no panic attacks.

There is just "You" beyond "You".

Mooji says... "We are before everything, even before ourselves".

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mathematics = Entrenchment in the Ilusion

Brand Killer Robots reveals:

When the self is not experiencing the truth, it can be found in the mind, playing the game of mathematics. It can be found attempting to reconstruct the truth using artificial mechanisms. Attempting to deconstruct then reconstruct God in mankinds own image.

Why choose to view the world through the man-made paranoid schizophrenia of mathematics, when you can view it from total freedom, from beyond the mind?

Beauty can never be born of the mind. Through calculation, computation or sliderule.

Stop trying so hard to conjure beauty through logic and stand beyond the illusion.

The formula is a device to entrench you in limiting beliefs.

A Beautiful mathematical formula is a limiting device designed to entrench your mind in an ignorant state so that you never experience the truth of enlightenment.

As Tolstoy once said "What is art if you disregard the all too confusing concept of beauty".