Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Alleviators Expose BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Cover Up

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A group of British scientists claim that BP are not being honest about the state of the oil spill meaning that many scientists around the world are working on solutions that will in no way alleviate the problem.

This strategy to stifle the truth is slowing down the repair operation and is a consequence of BP attempting a cover up.

The scientists contend that the BP suggestion site at reveals concealment, in so far as the submissions described as "Already Considered" or "Not Possible / Not Feasible" are in fact described in such a way to reveal at best naievity and at worst dishonesty.

A spokesperson for the UK think tank said that a solution could be found very quickly if BP would be honest about the state of the damage to the oil pipe line.

He said, "our scientists have been researching alleviation strategies for this type of failure over many years, but even they cannot supply an effective solution without correct data on the current status of the damage and surrounding conditions.

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