Monday, 10 August 2009

South Korean Local police stations to get cyber crime experts

Hacker Intelligence Reports:
The police are bracing themselves for online security breaches, particularly intentional cyber attacks like those that occurred recently.

The National Police Agency will allocate professional cyber investigation agents in individual police stations to collect, analyze and report the use or leakage of illicit intelligence information on the internet, according to officials yesterday.

So far, as such agents were only available in the NPA and regional police agencies, police stations required assistance from central organizations in investigating complex cyber crimes.

The NPA's plans followed the DDoS cyber attacks that brought down several major online networks last month.

As an attempt to secure the cyber investigation workforce in each station, the NPA also added a clause in the regulations preventing cyber security agents from being transferred to other departments.

The NPA will set up inspection committees in order to thoroughly select qualified experts in the online security and cyber crimes, said officials.

The NPA will also invest in educating the selected agents into veteran cyber troops, said officials.

"We have come up with a reinforced cyber police intelligence system to guard ourselves against the North's cyber attacks and any other online crimes," said an NPA official.

The police suspect that North Korea, possibly in coordination with other groups, initiated the DDoS attacks to put pressure on the South.


By Bae Hyun-jung

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