Friday, 27 March 2009

Democracy: Scam or Non Scam -2

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Thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions.
But I'm not clear on a couple of points. Did you meant that the current system is nothing more than a balance between how far the population can be exploited by the elite, and how much exploitation they can take without revelling?

yes, this is true. A balance has to be drawn.

Are you also saying that to avoid the masses refusing this unfair system, they offer them the hope of being able to prosper, become one of them, and start exploiting other on their behalf?

Yes, there is always an invitation for every citizen to attempt to rise to the levels of the very greatest in the land. But this is in actual fact unattainable to anyone other than the ruling classes. It is a motivational device and one that engenders a work ethic that very few other motivators could inspire.

I also don't get why you say that it is not a huge scam! I see it like a pyramidal business, where you can only recover what you have been scammed by scamming other; and the more you scam the higher you will climb in the pyramid.

Democracy is riddled with scams and pyramidical type subversive relationships. But i do not see "democracy per se" as a scam. For it to be a scam, there would have to be a scammer and that scammer would have to gain significantly from their plan. And in turn those who were scammed would have to lose significantly.

It is clear to me at least that for past 100 years the mortality rates have increased significantly, disease is significantly reduced and relatively speaking (overall) people (at least in most democracies) are far better off than they ever could have been 100 years ago and before.

So it doesn't sound and feel like a scam to me.

Having said that, what was meant with better intentions at the birth of democracy - is now not so well respected by the new generation of leaders.

There is a thing called honour & justice that was meant to underpin Democracy. I see very little of that around today.

You also say that: "they give the population a sense that they could share in the power and prosperity", but that doesn't seem to me like having anything to do with the meaning of "democracy". And if the word has been chosen on purpose to trick the public, isn't it another proof of a scam?

Well democracy is meant to be inspire freedom of expression. Therefore any fair and democratic system must afford all players on the field the same opportunity - whether they be rich or poor.

At least that's the theory anyway.

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