Monday, 30 March 2009

Disloyalty and Anarchists infiltrate UK Government

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
This past few months has been awash with revelations of UK ministers and MP's playing fast and loose with their expense entitlement. They have been accused of everything from misusing expenses to paying off mortgages on houses to paying for adult movies and other unusual items.
Clearly there is no smoke without fire and these events certainly highlight the need for replacement of the majority of these people.

But out of these revelations comes something far more sinister. That being of disloyalty and anarchism within the very heart of the British Parliament.
Clearly there are forces at work inside our government that are working to undermine that which they serve.
Corruption be-gets corruption and these people are no better than the people they expose.

Our government, our society, our future should not be placed in the hands of such disloyalty.

Let those who leak stories of corruption be willing to stand up and be counted, rather than whisper hidden in the shadows to the irresponsible British press.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

New World Order - Evil Agenda or a Godly thing?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Why do you think that we must build on democracy: Because it is the current system, because it is near an ideal system, or because you see all other systems potentially dangerous?

We must build on the democratic system because it has taken generations to build. It might be possible to go back to the land and start again for a small number of people, but there are near 7 billion people on this planet and that many people need a lot of careful management.

Don't you think it would be worth it having both: mental and physical freedom? I'll explain: I heard this story about a prisoner of the Nazi concentration camps that reached a state of mind where he felt far more freedom than his guards. However, that doesn't changes the fact that his physical freedom was limited by the prison itself. What I'm trying to say is that why should we conform to only freeing our minds, when our bodies are also meant to be free by nature?

Yes, i think you are talking about the imminent neurologist and psychiatrist (the late) Victor Frankl and his time spent in a Nazi concentration camp. His is probably the best example of how the spirit can be detached from the meta-physical and be lifted up beyond all worldly things. With globalisation has come greater freedom of movement than ever before. I hope this continues to be the case and that people who have not yet had this advantage do so in the future.

I'm not sure if you are joking on this one, but anyway: Don't you think that the architects of the new world order are the ones responsible for many of these atrocities (funded with our taxes, and acting against our will)? What kind of new world will they deliver if they build it using those methods? What makes you think they will change their forms once they are in power?

Many people have misunderstood the meaning of The New World Order or NWO. The NWO is more often than not characterised as the devils movement, when it is just as possible to think that it is a movement towards a more Godly world. A World where the ONE is better reflected through greater unity.
Why should a move to integrate the world more closely be seen as the domain of evil intent? Who created that assumption and why?

But developed nations keep on pushing their "democracy", which you agree it is ruined and corrupt, into other countries that do not want it. What's the point of imposing a system that is completely corrupt and that many nations don't want?

People are corrupt. The system is not necessarily so.
Those who are leaders must change for the better or be changed.

Well… that would depend on the new form of leadership. What is a fact is that the current model doesn't work. Even the most adept voter in any democratic country would agree that politicians would go to great lengths to progress their careers and agendas. How worst can it be? (I'm not taking about the ideology or the political system, just about the current model of leaders)

yes, this is because of the erosion of honour and integrity amongst many of our leaders. Democracy needs strong leadership underpinned by a fair justice system.

Don't you think that the current so called democratic "first world" benefits enormously from war, poverty and diseases in other nations; and therefore take many precautions to avoid putting an end to them? Wouldn't you agree that ending wars with even more wars is just not practical? I mean, it is quite easy to jump to the conclusion that war brings peace (in one way or another) but it also creates hate and anger, which turns in violence sooner or later, which turns into more killings and even another war; perpetuation the cycle.

Another issue is the right of each sovereign nation to govern themselves as they like. Who are we to go and tell Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Palestine and China how they should behave. Accept it would also be accepting them (or anyone else) to come and tell us how we should live and govern our countries.

The future of the planet depends on co-operation amongst all nations. Science and technology have created the potential for a single rogue nation to have a devastating effect on much of the world. We cannot allow for this to happen.

In my opinion, what we would gain from taking the power out of the hands of the elite and giving it to someone else would be breaking with the corruption that power provokes with time. I mean, it is a fact that power corrupts, and the more time you have it, the more corrupt you'll get. That's why, in my opinion, the system is breaking down (because it has been in the same hands for too long). Again, in my opinion, the elite found the way to perpetuate power in their hands, creating a very real but invisible unelected government.

It is true that putting the power in completely fresh hands would lack experience, but would also lack the desire and urge to become corrupt. And at the end of the day, that's why we change our leader every few years, but we don't change the rest of the position of power (whether they are in front and behind the scenes).

It will not be possible to alter the basis of power in any peaceful way and meddling is only going to allow even worse influences a chance to undermine democracy still future. I say, give our leaders time and seek to support only the good and the great. Accept life as it is - unless you have the ability and opportunity to change it.

Mankind is rapidly outgrowing this planet. Science and technology have introduced so many significant new risks and now our leaders have become extremely nervous. There is a great deal of fear that the end of the world is nigh and this of course serves to proliferate the sense of urgency to live life to the full whilst the world still exists as it is. There is also a sense that we are not alone anymore and that the time will soon come when humanity will not be the only intelligence inhabiting this planet. For all these reasons and the ones mentioned above we must tread very carefully, whilst still looking forward to the day when there will be peace and harmony for all.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Democracy, the Illuminati and the New World Order

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
So, do you think that this "democracy" is the best we can do? I mean, don't you believe that we can get to govern ourselves without being lied to and abused?

No. Democracy is not the best we can do - but we must build on Democracy, rather than cast it away in favour of something new. The danger is that we could easily be propelled back into the dark ages - when our forefathers really did go through significantly harder times. There is no quick fix.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “there is nothing to gain personally from any of this interplay”. But it is a fact that there are billions of people who spend their lives trying to play a game that they have lost from the beginning. And what they lose is their personal freedom, the right to drive their lives how they see fit without being brainwashed and having the chance to fully develop at a personal level. Instead, they are forced (one way or another) to obtain their oppressors’ approval and to work all their lives for someone else's benefit. I think that it is a lot to lose at a personal level (and I had experienced it for myself during many years).

I understand what you mean. I have also been there, but once i got used to it i realised that it was all my fault. If i want to live my life as a free man i can. Independence is a state of mind that can be developed by the individual - or not as the case might be.

I think it is also fair to ask ourselves: how much better could it be? About the gangs, warlords, murdering, raping, mass starvation and disease, we also have many of those under the umbrella of democracy, more than we would like to admit. And it is fact that most of those crimes are a direct consequence of the decision that elected leaders took in democratic countries; by the way, funded by our taxes, which I guess makes us part of it (like it or not).
I agree that there is a tyrant in every corner, but if you go to any parliament, congress or world summit around the world, you will surely find the highest percentage of tyrants per square metre anywhere in the entire globe.

yes, it is a big shame that things are not the way they should be, but a New World Order looms and by more closely integrating nations and their peoples we should fix a lot of these kinds of problems.

But shouldn't we also take into account that those "third world" countries were perfectly balanced before we arrived? And that they lived happier lives, also in perfect harmony with nature before they even heard the term "democracy"? This makes me think that there might be better solutions than the ones we are using, and that there might be an alternative way without ending up in total chaos.

yes, i totally see what you mean. The Spirit of Democracy has ruined many nations and their cultures. I have always been aware of that and of course there is no putting back 10's of thousands of years of civilisation. All we can do is try to repair what Democracy has spoilt.

I also don't agree with this statement. It is true that people tent to elect and follow leaders (I have been observing this behaviour since primary school), even the animals that live in hoards do. But that doesn't justify the huge differences between the elite and the average man. In my opinion, being a leader doesn't imply a semi-god status, but rather a practical function within the group. The birth right is also a man-made concept, as it doesn't exist in the natural world, so I don't see the need to perpetuate the same bloodlines in power (as our elites do). And that seems to be pretty important for them; knowing that power will stay in the family. Probably there would be no elite without this obsession for bloodlines, which might also help me proving that having an "elite" is not essential for any system to work.

Stability is what mankind seeks in its quest for peace and harmony. When the leadership fragments and disharmony reins within the head family, this has a direct impact on the general public who rely on the head family to reflect the right way to live. What we have seen over the past 10-20 years is the gradual undermining of the elite (by themselves and those outside) and this has had a detrimental affect on how the people conduct their own lives. I would say, forget the personailities and their grotesque greediness and arrogance and ask whether our society would be better off with any other form of leadership.

It is well known from antiquity that the masses need very little to be appeased. You probably heard the Roman motto "break and circus", which proved that if you gave your people enough food and enough entertainment, they wouldn't worry about anything else (more or less like our fast food and TV). The problem is that, as Ernesto "Che" Guevara said: "the people who do not know how to write and read are easily tricked", and fortunately each time more of us know how to read and write. So, I'm starting to think that one day "bread and circus" will not be enough to appease the masses.

yes, appeasement of the people is the easy bit. The most difficult part will be to ensure that wars become a thing of the past and the eradication of poverty and disease. It is time that all children in our world were afforded the same opportunity. Unfortunately this requires appeasement of rogue nation states before this can happen. Hence the need to bring into line Iraq, Afhganistan, Iran, Israel, Palestine, China etc

What would you think about having a real "democracy"? I mean, a system where the population governs themselves? It wouldn't need many changes, just take the power out of the hands of the elite; no anarchy, no chaos, no lies, no hidden agendas, no occult secrets, and no exploitation. Do you think that would work?

People are people. You take power out of the hands of one blood line and give it to half a dozen others - how much better off would we be? Truth is, people are people and whatever leadership we put in place will always spawn some form of corruption. We have had great leaders in history who have ruled justly with an iron grip and then when they passed away were replaced by rampant corrupt phonies. Nothing is nailed down. Nothing is perfect and neither was it designed to be. Secret societies exist at all levels of society. Whether it be the so called illuminati or the freemasons, old boys network, the mafia, the elitist golf club, the close knit family unit who treat outsiders as second class members etc etc...
We are One as they say.

Just when looked at individually, some parts seem more hopeless than other parts. But we are all essentially capable of the same.

Michael Winner - BBC Question Time

Brand Killer Robots Reveal::
Michael Winner was there on BBC Question Time last night to begin the incitement of anarchy.

He is the only one stupid enough and mercenary enough to do it.

Winner is a stooge for those who will gain from the public descent into chaos.

The films he has made like Vigilante and Death Wish make him an ideal candidate to fuel public disgruntlement into something far bigger.

Whilst we turn against each other and rage outside buildings made of iron - they will be sipping away on Martini's in the Bahamas - reading all about it.

Watch the video here............

Democracy - or Gangs of New York?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Do you think that that balance always existed, since the birth of democracy, or it is something that governments learnt along the way until these days? I mean, was it always meant to balance exploitation and rebellion?

Yes, they learnt how to balance exploitation and rebellion along the way. But whatever system humanity has applied before, whatever social system, there has always been this balance and always will be.

How do they convince the masses that they have a chance, can't the people see that there are always the same ones who rule over them? Or is it that they are fine aspiring to intermediate positions, and with it perpetuate the lie.

As a new generation is born and the old generation dies off, this knowledge is swept away.

"For it to be a scam, there would have to be a scammer and that scammer would have to gain significantly from their plan. And in turn those who were scammed would have to lose significantly." I don't understand this comment. I can clearly see the scammer, the "elite", and the scammed, the "people".

There is nothing to gain personally from any of this interplay. The predator and victim are one of the same. Whether rich or poor, the ants will eventually get to eat your eyes. So, just who are the scammers. The scammer or the scammed?


The meta architecture of democracy is far from perfect and life is far from perfect. But we must also ask ourselves.........How much worse could it be? We could have lawless gangs roaming the streets. Warlords murdering and raping. Mass starvation and disease. I'd say, be careful not to wish for too much change. Not more than 100+ years ago America was infested with gun slingers and gangs who caused civil strife. The truth is - whether it be the elite or the ordinary man - we are all capable of bringing this world into disrepute. There is a tyrannt on every corner.


What were those intentions meant to be? Wasn't democracy well thought and planned since the beginning, to make the population think they have any real power?

I believe that democrocy was founded on honourable intentions to create a world free from slavery, poverty and barbarism and was a sincere attempt at delivering prosperity to those nations who would were party to it. unfortunately this did not extend to the nations in the so called "third world".

I agree with you completely on this one, though I'm not sure of the relation between honour and justice with democracy in practice. If we agreed that democracy is meant to deceive the public by the elite to maintain power, how can it be mixed with honour and justice?

There has always got to be "an elite". People have always been lead by someone. Where no man leads there is no order and unfortunately such is the nature of human kind that this leads to gangs and warlords. If you extract honourable behaviour and strong justice from democracy, you end up with only the theory of democracy. Democracy must be backed up by honourable men who respect juctice.

But that's the whole point, democracy sounds well in theory, but the practice is a whole different game. So I'm still wondering if democracy was created to deceive the public on purpose, or if it really was a fair system that turned a nightmare. In my humble opinion, I think that the main function of democracy was pacifying the masses, giving them a false sense of power (and everyone bought it).

Think of democracy and communism and all those kinds of system as ways to appease the people. Once you appease the people, you then have some basis for creating positive order. This is matrix management at work. I would say to those against democracy and communism and all those other regimes that maintain a high degree of stability, to come up with a better system, rather than calling for the downfall of the current ones. Otherwise the whole thing could descend into anarchy.

Democracy: Scam or Non Scam -2

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions.
But I'm not clear on a couple of points. Did you meant that the current system is nothing more than a balance between how far the population can be exploited by the elite, and how much exploitation they can take without revelling?

yes, this is true. A balance has to be drawn.

Are you also saying that to avoid the masses refusing this unfair system, they offer them the hope of being able to prosper, become one of them, and start exploiting other on their behalf?

Yes, there is always an invitation for every citizen to attempt to rise to the levels of the very greatest in the land. But this is in actual fact unattainable to anyone other than the ruling classes. It is a motivational device and one that engenders a work ethic that very few other motivators could inspire.

I also don't get why you say that it is not a huge scam! I see it like a pyramidal business, where you can only recover what you have been scammed by scamming other; and the more you scam the higher you will climb in the pyramid.

Democracy is riddled with scams and pyramidical type subversive relationships. But i do not see "democracy per se" as a scam. For it to be a scam, there would have to be a scammer and that scammer would have to gain significantly from their plan. And in turn those who were scammed would have to lose significantly.

It is clear to me at least that for past 100 years the mortality rates have increased significantly, disease is significantly reduced and relatively speaking (overall) people (at least in most democracies) are far better off than they ever could have been 100 years ago and before.

So it doesn't sound and feel like a scam to me.

Having said that, what was meant with better intentions at the birth of democracy - is now not so well respected by the new generation of leaders.

There is a thing called honour & justice that was meant to underpin Democracy. I see very little of that around today.

You also say that: "they give the population a sense that they could share in the power and prosperity", but that doesn't seem to me like having anything to do with the meaning of "democracy". And if the word has been chosen on purpose to trick the public, isn't it another proof of a scam?

Well democracy is meant to be inspire freedom of expression. Therefore any fair and democratic system must afford all players on the field the same opportunity - whether they be rich or poor.

At least that's the theory anyway.

Democracy - Scam or Non Scam?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Are you saying that democracy is a scam, where "the people", are played to believe they have any power? If so, can so many people be blind about this issue? Or that maybe they already know, and they play along with it?

Well, its not necessarily a scam. It is true that such systems are devised such that the few govern the many. No one can argue that todays way of life is worse than it was 100 years ago. In that sense, the ordinary man and woman accept what is above and beyond them and make the best of life.

Then, do you mean that democracy means "governing the population", instead of "popular government"?

Yes, it is about governing the population, whilst giving the population a sense that they too could share in the power and prosperity of the ruling classes.

Why would they put at risk a system that works for them and at the same time keeps the masses aparently happy?

What has happened is an age old problem, where the bourgeosie of the day eventually gourge themselves silly on the available resources and then inevitably bring the whole system into disrepute. The same thing happened in Rome, Nazi Germany and many other courts in history.

Democracy and the Fragile Intellect

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Democracy is a manifestation of the intellect. It is an intellectual construct devised to appease the people, at the same time as empowering them to concede power and wealth to those higher up the food chain.

Democracy is a balance of the rich mans desire for disproportionate wealth, power and control on one hand and the maintainence of the status quo within the masses.

Democracy has been placed at risk by the ever burgeoining desire of those entrusted to power and control.

The big questions is - will they remain to repair what they themselves have inevitably ruptured - or will they run for the higher ground when the system eventually runs aground?

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab - Good or Evil?

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
The Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab develops insight into how computing products can best be used to persuade people to take action in ways dictated by the site owners. This they are accomplishing through specifically designed content on websites and mobile phone software — in order to assess how people think and how their thinking can be altered through their browsing interactions.

Yes, such a topic can be very scary and yes machines designed to manipulate human beliefs and behaviors sounds extremely intrusive, but we are told by the Department of Captology at Stanford that this is going to be very good news. According to Stanford such persuasive technology is going to bring about positive change in health, safety and education. Stanford also go on to say that they believe that such technology will even somehow advance global peace in thirty years time. They say that with good intent at the heart of everything they do and their expertise in theory, analysis and design that they are creating much greater positive experiences through persuasive technologies.

This body of knowledge, expertise and activity is collectively known as "Captology" and is defined as the intersection of computers and persuasion. It is the study of computers within the context of persuasive technologies.

Much of this work at Stanford concerns the research, analysis and design of interactive computing devices that alter users, perspectives, attitudes and behaviours.

We understand that these "persuader technologies" are of particular interest within an online sales context, given they can influence a change in a purchasers buying decisions. Stanford expects the takeup of this kind of technology to increase in the coming years, more particularly by mobile phone manufacturers and website vendors.

We ask "Ethical" or "Unethical"? Essential or non essential? Good or Evil? You choose?

Reflecting on a visit to the House of Hackers

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
When i was only nine years old i was given a toy car for Christmas, i think it was a red VW beetle. Anyway, for some reason i decided that i would try and get inside it so i began prizing the windows open with the end of old spoon i had near by. Failing to get anywhere, i went to the cupboard and got an eating knife and preceded to hack at the edge of the windows. Suffice to say nothing worked so i sat back and thought. I thought about what it would be like to tear open the doors and finally gain access to the inside. I thought about what it would be like after the challenge was over and the feeling i would get from my accomplishment. I thought how much pleasure i would have had telling my friends about how i broke into to a brand new car that mummy and daddy bought me.

Then, after a brief moment i began to see the whole game for what it truly was!

A game that was really not worth playing.

I mean, how much thought does it really take to bust into things?

From that day forward i always made sure i only ever played original games. Not games based on short-term thrills. Not games based on combative paradigms of thought, or games to impress my friends.

But games that nobody else would ever think of playing.

So i ask...

In a world that is full of sharp practice merchants, corrupt executives and other black hats.....why are our so called commercial security service professionals still playing the same old security games? When the risk to corporate reputations and business integrity from white collar scams is an order of magnitude greater in a recession than ever before, why are security executives not investing heavily in security intelligence R&D?

The answer is = (they are investing) ....... but they are investing in preventing people from busting into opposed to ensuring that they are always broadening the scope of the field of security to protect against people who like to create and play entirely new games - and are more likely to be the most dangerous of all.

If you want help designing a security risk assessment model that takes account of more than todays "limited scope" security paradigms: email Ryan at

Monday, 23 March 2009

Borderline Personality Disorder and The Rise of Peter Pan

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
It is one thing to be abused by the devil, but quite another to be complicit in the act. In many ways, feeling complicit is a way of dealing with the situation, given the human spirit then has some way of remaining intact if it feels it had some control over circumstances, rather than allowing the predator to be seen to have full control and power to crush you totally under its weight.

There are literally millions of people who have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, when in actual fact many of these people are victims of their past and are simply cases of "borderline personality disorder".

Many talk of an "awakeneing", when in actual fact what they mean is "reconciliation with their past" and a "reforming of a new personality".

They desire this because they have profound flaws in their character caused by early abuse, which has developed into a less than natural personality - one that is inherently unstable, with poor self-image and marked impulsivity.

You can liken their feelings to that of Peter Pan.

To........... "A child who would inherit the earth with the other children - at the expense of the grotesque pirates - in the form of abusive adults".

To find more about Borderline Personality Disorder and survivors of abuse you can read Dr G's paper here

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Human Intelligence - man-made thought prison

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Intelligence, (as in intellect) is a "psychological construct", which mankind has used to replace human instinct, human nature, human freedoms and mankind's faith in God.

Science, maths, philosophy, art and language of every kind are man made constructs, designed to perceive an artificial way of life.

It is not the ruling classes who have conjured the illusory lens of "intelligence". Intelligence was a mistake that the whole of mankind walked into.

Mankind walked into it when they chose to strive to become higher than their creator - God.

People use intelligence to claim Power over each other.

When they think - they activate their intelligence (to whatever degree).

Its at that point - THE MATRIX HAS THEM!

Activate intelligence and you will create your very own thought prison?

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Happy Obama saint or sinner?

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
These images are all depictions of a collection of "seperate selfs" enjoying life at a moment in time.

These images do not depict "the one".

They depict "one-li-ness"

But they do not depict "the one".

How can there be any release from sorrow "when a single child must die"?

How can there be any peace for the many, when there is always still trajedy and persecution of the one?

What does "the one" truly look like?

Just who can conjure "the one"?

Will Obama be saint or sinner?

Monday, 9 March 2009

NHS Stroke Adverts to cause more mental health problems

Brand Killer Robots reveal:

With the introduction of "horrifying intent" within the messages in TV ads, we are beginning to witness just how subversive the people are behind them. In the past we have accepted ad companies may be a bit sinister, but with the recent release of NHS stroke ads we are now beginning to understand just how sinister they really are.

A recent survey conducted on the streets of Canterbury revealed that over 80% of people felt less informed about strokes after watching the ad and 90% said they felt more likely to have a stroke after watching it.

Just how evil is that?

All that for an "awareness campaign". Not an advert about roberry, murder or abuse.

Not even an ad about smoking, drinking or drugs.

But an "awareness campaign" for NHS!

If people think that X-rated images out of some "evil dead" movie have any place in NHS awareness campaigns then it is a very sick world indeed.

Agencies like Delaney, Lund, Know and Warren should be shutdown immediately.

They obviously have some very evil people working for them.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Are Entrepreneurs like ticking time bombs? How big a risk are they to your brand?

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
Many of todays business entrepreneurs are like ticking time bombs.

Someday the truth will catch up on them - and their rage and their balls will be no more!

The real question is, how do owners protect their brands from this kind of distructive emotional meltdown, whilst harnessing the obvious genius of the self-made entrepreneur?

Friday, 6 March 2009

Competitive Intelligence and the spectre of executive negligence

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
What happens to competitive intelligence people when the system they operate within is profoundly flawed?
What happens to their motivation when the competitive intelligence analyst realises that the whole game is so rotten that the data becomes totally valueless? How do competitive intelligence analysts remain of sound mind when the majority of their thoughts are almost totally derived of corrupted data? What happens to their confidence, to their behaviour and to relationships both inside and outside this context?

Therein lies the spectre of non-accountability. In a commercial enterprise where power vaccums exist, accountability for information trust is at an all time low.

Under such circumstances analysts find themselves, mining, slicing and dicing data which is of impure property. No amount of massaging can make the data right - because it has been polluted at source by defects in the leadership and the mismanagement of power.

Take a peek inside the majority of commercial enterprise.

Lack of Accountability leads to flawed data, leading to flawed analysis and the misrepresentation of the truth - and ultimately to executive negligence.