Monday, 1 September 2008

Business Gurus prostitute sacred faculty

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Brand Killer Robots believe that many people get lost in intellectual models that they create to maintain some semblence of self.

In others words, we make things up about ourself, we play to the audience, we invent concepts to satisfy our desire to maintain our essential identity and to create new high performance personas.

The self, the personality, the brand, the reputation and the style are all illusory artefacts that we use to prevent us from being scared. Scared that we may be alone. That we may have no real purpose. No real identity.

We believe that the "quality of vibration" that business gurus speak of relates to the intended attraction of material things within the material universe. Where "quality of vibration" was always a sacred faculty relating to the impersonal freeing of the spirit from the material world. A spirit which is today hopelelessly centred on the illusory self and its numerous materialistic distractions.

The question is not how do we establish "Quality of Vibration", but are we establishing quality to satisfy the cravings of self. Or are we freeing the mind from the illusory world in order to serve others more effectively.

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