Saturday, 9 August 2008


Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Yesterday, was the day the Beijing Olympics opened. The 8th day or the 8th month of the 8th year of this century. Ravencrew in Hawaii suggested it would be a significant day for a troll fest, but the only significance I could see was it was something to do with Its a favourite haunt for the black hat intelligencer.

You don't get into the club unless you have a serious rep. Unless you are prepared to share the money smarts out and are willing to back your story up. We're not talking about making $100. We're talking millions. These guys are all millionaires (or were). From this you can take it that they don't just talk black hat, they actually play the whole game out. They're killers.

THAT DAY, the topic of conversation at the Black Hat Conference, was "The analysis of other Black Conferences" - a serious trolling topic. You see, this black hat conference wasn't a place to share and flex your pectorial muscles. These guys had already made it. This conference was about enjoying giving the unsmart, unrich black hat kids a good kicking. It was an opportunity to kick back and forget the past. A past where black hat meant you were "so deluded by your technical wizardry - to the point where you didn't make any money".

Anyway, they were talking about one particular conference where this guy was demonstrating this new SQL injection attack. He spent about an hour beating about the bush, to end up essentially at the same result. Sure, the hack was well thought out. Sure, it could come in useful, where all else fails. But the truth was, it didn't really mean anything different.

Once his talk was over, he made the fatal mistake of asking the audience for any questions.
Adnar, one of the black hat kind stood up and preceded to lecture the speaker about how he didn't approach the topic well and how he should have prepared better. Both technically and from a financial point of view. In short, he tore the guy to shreds. Apparently, the guy told Adnar that "black hat" wasn't about making money. It was all about finding new cool ways to break things.

He told the audience that Adnar was just a troll and that he didn't know anything about Black Hat. He said "how dare you come here and ask questions like how much money could you make from this hack over other kinds of SQL injection hack. He said "what the hell has money got to do with Black Hat?".

Adnar said that the audience were in hesterics and some of them came up and wanted him to contact them. Which of course he did not. But the point was made, that Black Hat is about making money, which many black hat conferences fail to understand.

Anyway, stay tuned for more of the same...

Brand Killer Robots..

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